Pearl Jam under fire for concert poster depicting Donald Trump's death


This artistic poster for their Missoula concert depicting the destruction of the White House has upset Republicans.

Pearl Jam have a fervent fanbase, the kind that arrives early and lines up at the merch stands hours before the show is set to begin. Why?

In another post, Ament explained the piece in a handwritten note that said, "D.C. burning. Jon Tester is the real deal and no one cares more about our country and especially Montana".

"In a state Trump won by 20 points, Senator Tester's quickly showing Montanans there's no stoop too low for him when it comes to attacking President Trump and his supporters", NRSC spokesperson Calvin Moore said in a statement.

The "Rock2Vote" concert was aimed at encouraging young people to vote in the November midterm elections and support Democratic Senator Jon Tester of Montana, who is from Ament's hometown of Big Sandy.

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According to Sputnik News, the artwork was a collaborative effort by the band's Jeff Ament and artist Bobby Draws Skulls. Rosendale , who is originally from Maryland, called the poster "disgusting and reprehensible" and called on Tester "to denounce this act of violence and blatant display of extremism". That post, which was later taken down, tags several parts of the poster, including a flying "Jon Tester", jetting over the White House destruction on a tractor.

"We never saw the poster before the show, and we don't like it", spokesman Chris Meagher said. Russian money, golf courses, hookers? Tester's campaign disavowed the poster two days after the Pearl Jam concert and only after media reports shed light on the inflammatory poster.

Tester's opponent slammed the poster on Twitter demanding an apology, while conservative fans of the band have claimed they'll boycott the musicians following the poster's release.

"Political posters and images have always been really provocative", he said.

People getting offended over a cartoon versus the real-life injustices that have been going on the past two years probably don't remember Eddie Vedder taking a knee in solidarity with National Football League players or that, y'know, Pearl Jam are bigtime Rock the Vote supporters, which champions otherwise undecided ballot-casters to get out there, make a difference and prevent someone like Donald Trump from ever getting in the position he is in again.