Fired White House aide: 'I will not be silenced'


Sanders made the claim as she was answering questions about whether she could guarantee Trump had never been recorded using the N-word while producing "The Apprentice". But CBS News has published an audio recording that appears to show White House aides discussing the potential fallout from the release of audio of Trump using the racial slur. When asked on the "Today" how she captured the Kelly recording, which she said came from the Situation Room, Manigault Newman would only say "I'll just leave that to your imagination".

Sanders incorrectly told reporters President Donald Trump had created three times as many jobs for African-Americans as former President Barack Obama had during his entire eight years in the White House.

In her new book "Unhinged", Manigault Newman reveals that the way Trump placed his hands on Ivanka's hips "made everyone uncomfortable".

Harder already represents Trump in California, where Stormy Daniels, the adult-movie actor, has sued him to nullify a non-disclosure agreement. Omarosa more or less stuck to her predefined talking points, but things got a little heated when she called Trump "mentally impaired" and insisted that he "thrived" off conflict and attention.

She accused the president of using his rowdy political rallies to sow discord, even suggesting Trump is promoting violence.

In the memoir, she alleges Trump is a racist, a misogynist and a narcissist, and claims he repeatedly used the "N-word" on the set of "The Apprentice".

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Omarosa, on a publicity tour of talk shows for her new book, has emerged from her brief stint in Trump's White House as a Trump enemy, after years of publicly praising him and working for his campaign and administration.

Manigault Newman later told Trump about the incident and that's when he called DeVos ditzy.

"This White House has a credibility issue", she said. "I wanted to have this type of documentation... in the event I found myself in this position where, as you said, they're questioning my credibility".

Her departure landed her a deal for a tell-all book, which the White House has slammed as a series of "false attacks" written by a "disgruntled" former employee. On Tuesday, he praised chief of staff for "quickly firing that dog". "She's a liar, and I would say she's evil".

She describes a phone conversation about how to handle potential fallout with Lynne Patton, then an assistant to Eric Trump, a son of the president; then-Trump spokeswoman Katrina Pierson; and campaign communications director Jason Miller.

With the promise of more tapes from Omarosa, the White House staffers seem to be afraid of what else a vengeful Omarosa recorded while she was there.