White House Bars CNN Correspondent After She Questions Trump


"(Trump) has a desire to conduct meetings in the future and I am ready", Putin said, extending the invitation and reiterating his desire to go to Washington.

White House officials, per the WaPo report, have tried talking Trump down from his calls for punitive action on multiple occasions.

This comes just days after Putin said he is not yet ready to visit the White House, despite the clarification he would, only if certain conditions are satisfied. Trump has said he wants to improve ties between the two nuclear powers, whose relations have dipped to a post-Cold War low in recent years.

And Fox News President Jay Wallace said, "We stand in strong solidarity with CNN for the right to full access for our journalists as part of a free and unfettered press".

The invitation comes almost two weeks after the two leaders sat down in Helsinki for a meeting in which Trump sided with Russian Federation over the U.S. intelligence community, suggesting the hostile foreign power didn't meddle in the 2016 election despite enormous evidence to the contrary. He also said that it was in the interests of Russian Federation and the United States to extend arms control treaties. He later said he had misspoken at the summit. If the Trump folks were unclear on this, they should have consulted every other president before them. "This is outrageous", said Blitzer, a former White House correspondent.

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Both Mr Putin and Mr Trump deny the allegations.

"One of President Trump's big pluses is that he strives to fulfil the promises he made to voters, to the American people", Putin said.

Trump was meeting Friday with his national security team to discuss threats to the 2018 congressional midterm elections, the first such session he has convened amid warnings from intelligence officials that Russian Federation is again intent on interfering in the USA democratic process.

Earlier this week, Trump postponed a Washington meeting between the two leaders until next year, citing political fallout over Special Counsel Robert Mueller's ongoing and still fruitless "Russiagate" investigation.

At various moments throughout his presidency, Trump has vented angrily to aides about what he considers disrespectful behavior and impertinent questions from reporters in the Oval Office and in other venues.