Donald Trump claims Russian Federation is interfering in USA midterms to help Democrats


But it comes as Special Counsel Robert Mueller is prosecuting Russian operatives for targeting the Hillary Clinton campaign and Democratic Party during the 2016 election in an effort to help Trump.

Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump have agreed to continue their "useful contacts" and may meet by year's end, a Kremlin aide said Tuesday, as tensions rise in Washington over the direction of the USA leader's Russian Federation policy.

The Defense Department has no plans to initiate joint operations between US and Russian forces deployed in Syria, but could move out on those options if ordered by the Trump White House, Defense Secretary James N. Mattis said Tuesday.

U.S. President Donald Trump and Russia's President Vladimir Putin shake hands as they meet in Helsinki, Finland July 16, 2018. "Instead, we need coverage that emphasizes Trump's real unpopularity and weakness", Berlatsky wrote.

President Donald Trump received a 45 percent approval rating in the most recent Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll.

It's possible the Russians feel so fortunate about their big propaganda win at the Helsinki summit that they don't want to jinx themselves by returning to that well so soon.

Russian Federation has denied election interference.

Syrian army pushes into Quneitra province
Last year, a Netflix production called The White Helmets won an Academy Award for the best short documentary . It was feared that they would be persecuted by advancing government forces in southern Syria.

Besides McConnell and Ryan, other prominent congressional Republicans do not share Trump's upbeat views of Putin.

During a joint press conference after the Helsinki summit, Putin was asked if he had compromising information on Trump.

Trump explained that he mixed up "would" and 'wouldn't when speaking about Russia's involvement.

U.S. intelligence officials have said Russia's efforts to undermine elections are continuing and now target the November 6 congressional races.

Republican Senator Lindsey Graham and Democrat Bob Menendez said they'll introduce legislation to increase USA sanctions against Russian Federation that would target its sovereign debt as well as the country's energy and financial sectors.

Mr Putin said at the summit he would allow the U.S. to interrogate the officials, provided Russian Federation could do the same in America, something Mr Trump called an "interesting idea", to the great concern of senior United States security advisers. She says the USA still hopes Putin will have the 12 Russians indicted on charges brought by the Justice Department "come to the United States to prove their innocence or guilt". While Interpol can't force a member country to arrest a given person who is under a "Red Notice", the country must decide what legal value a Red Notice holds within its own borders, a serious concern McFaul has about Mr. Trump's willingness to side with Putin.