Pakistan polls: Former cricketers turn to support Imran Khan


Almost half a million police personnel will be deployed to protect polling stations and to ensure votes can cast their ballots freely and safely. Day of general election is very vital as it decides the fate of any country.

He also said the Army will only perform a facilitative role in the elections and that the polling process is to remain under the control and authority of the ECP. His driver Ramzan was also killed in the attack.

The polling will begin at 8AM in the morning and continue till 6PM in the evening.

Its biggest challenger is the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf, led by former national cricket captain Khan.

"It's still up for grabs".

Armed soldiers stood guard as election officials in the capital distributed ballot boxes and voting material at polling stations across the city. In future, Khan himself will have to walk the talk as per the directives of the military establishment, which would mean no improvement in India-Pakistan relations.

After his younger brother's death, Gandapur was elected as a member of the assembly of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province and appointed provincial minister for agriculture.

A fierce battle is expected between Sharif's PML-N and Khan's Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) in Punjab, the most populous province often known for deciding the next government in the country.

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Mushahid Hussain Sayed, a PML-N senator, said the party had delivered on promises to reduce electricity shortages and improve infrastructure.

As the elections are nearing, the people are bursting into zeal and zest, the anxiety is proliferating, and the grit and gumption to acquire a win casting votes for the parties they support is surging to the degree that PTI's supporters volunteer their paramount time and laudable services going door to door for making the masses cognisant of importance of casting vote and persuading them into casting vote for PTI candidates so as increase their vote bank.

Political parties held their final rallies Monday night - before campaigning was suspended - in a last-ditch attempt to energize voters.

Akram's remarks came after his fellow paceman Waqar Younis endorsed Khan and praised his leadership skills. "The economy will be further in tatters if a weak government is formed after the July 25 polls", he said.

Khan is hoping to achieve a years-long dream of becoming prime minister, with recent polls showing his PTI party climbing nationally ahead of Wednesday's vote.

Activists and think tanks have also widely decried a "silent coup" by Pakistan's generals.

Some vowed to take to the streets if directed by their leaders.

"It's two planks", Sayed said of the PML-N's appeal to voters. "We are all ready".