US Files Series of WTO Cases, Targeting Responses to Steel, Aluminium Tariffs


Trump has slapped tariffs on imported steel and aluminum, provoking retaliatory measures by Canada, Mexico and US allies in the European Union.

"It is the common duty of Europe and China, but also America and Russian Federation, not to destroy (the global trade order) but to improve it, not to start trade wars which turned into hot conflicts so often in our history", EU Council President Donald Tusk said in Beijing. Doing the math here - the U.S. is planning here to collect $12.5 billion in tax revenue from the Chinese goods entering into the US.

That move followed China announcing 25% tariffs on 545 United States items worth $50bn in export revenue, including many U.S. seafood products, which was itself a response to a USA expansion of tariffs due to what the country said was China's unfair technology-related practices.

"Price hikes caused by the increased tariffs would adversely affect these industries".

"The US has fabricated any justification for its actions related to the trade war, including by interfering with national security", said the spokeswoman for the Foreign Ministry in China, Hua Chunying.

However, what started as a mere economic tariff on electronic devices has escalated into a trade war between the two largest economies in the world.

China can not match this added tariff in direct parallel fashion - Since the USA only exports about $130 billion to China per year.

But the story won't end there. On Monday, China said that it filed a WTO challenge against those proposed US tariffs. The country imports only about $115.6 billion in US goods yearly, according to data from the Office of the U. S. Trade Representative (USTR). Hopes run low for a resolution of the U.S. trade disputes with China, in particular due to the lack of "exit ramps", although the European Union might play along until the midterm elections to the U.S. Congress in November, they added.

North Korean table tennis players arrive in South Korea
President for the improvement of relations between the two countries and the faithful implementation of the joint statement". In 2013, the North severed its hotline with the UNC, declaring the armistice that ended the Korean War null and void.

Since then, some WTO members have filed trade disputes challenging the United States duties.

"America's trade adversaries have become more sophisticated in understanding America's political system", said Mr.

From blue jeans to motorbikes and whiskey, the EU's hit-list of products targeted the most emblematic of American exports.

On Wednesday, Larry Kudlow, who heads the White House Economic Council, said that he believed lower-ranking Chinese officials want a deal, including Xi's senior economic adviser Liu He, but that Xi has refused to make changes to China's technology transfer and other trade policies.

"The actions taken by the President are wholly legitimate and fully justified as a matter of US law and worldwide trade rules", says US Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer. Governments should take advantage of the economic upswing to build buffers against future risks and renew their commitment to worldwide cooperation, while central banks should raise rates in a gradual, well-communicated way, the IMF said.

That could include increasing tax rebates - known as the value-added tax credit rate - to exporters in China which would raise their income by between 3.5 percent and 4 percent.

However, the United States made various excuses and even used reasons as national security to create obstacles and restrictions on China's ordinary investment and business activities in the United States, she said.

The MOC spokesperson Gao Feng said the U.S. move violated the WTO principle about most-favored-nation treatment and binding tariff obligations, at a press conference.