The Doctor Who Series 11 Trailer is Here!


The 36-year-old, who rose to fame in award-winning British drama "Broadchurch", takes over from Scottish actor Peter Capaldi as the 13th incarnation of the Time Lord.

It then shows glimpses of Jodie and her new companions in action in different environments, as a voiceover from her says: "All of this is new to me".

Moffat's time, while exceptional in parts, had grown somewhat stale, and this really feels like a fresh start for the series, something echoed at San Diego Comic-Con. Chibnall called Tennant the day before the announcement and said, without revealing who had been cast, if the person playing the new Doctor could call him. According to a press conference before the panel, the new season of Doctor Who won't feature any returning villains, monsters, aliens, or allies. "She just walked into the room and she was the Doctor".

"The thing about this role, which is why it's so wonderful for any actor to play, is that essentially gender is irrelevant and that's completely liberating", Whittaker told the audience.

The 11th season of Doctor Who released a brand new trailer at Comic-Con 2018.

Doctor Who
Doctor Who Gets First Trailer at San Diego Comic-Con 2018

"As a girl back in the '80s, the Doctor didn't look like me", she said. Matt Stevens made a point to say they wanted to be as diverse behind the camera as in front of it, to which Tosin Cole added, "It's 2018; everyone deserves to work".

But Doctor Who star Jodie Whittaker's new sonic screwdriver has left numerous show's die-hard fans giggling, as they admitted it bears resemblance to a naughty bedroom item.

All we know so far is their names - Yasmin, Ryan and Graham - and the fact that they have some sort of connection to the Doctor.

"She asks for a bit more from life and she gets a bit more". Some also wore their best Doctor Who costumes - men and women alike. Admitting it was a bit weird to do press for a character before she played that person, it felt like a moment of truth being on the set of Capaldi's version of the TARDIS. Ryan gets "caught in a insane situation" when he accompanies the Doctor, whom he "challenges". There is apparently a great story about how she gets her hands on it, with Whittaker teasing that she comes by it "a very specific way".

One thing the entire Doctor Who team is very tight-lipped about is the TARDIS.

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