Spider-Verse Movie Adds More Spider-Men to Its Roster


Sony has taken the wraps off of its latest limited edition PS4, with the Spider-Man console now announced and set to be made available for pre-order as of today if you're in the United States or Canada.

At Comic-Con's Hall H Friday, Sony unveiled dazzling new footage that included our first glimpses at three new Spider-Folks: Spider-Man Noir, voiced by Nicolas Cage; Peni Parker, voiced by Kimiko Glenn; and, last but not least, Spider-Ham, voiced by John Mulaney.

There was a new trailer for the PlayStation 4 exclusive Spider-Man game, which still looks great, but despite what many had assumed there was still no mention of Square Enix's Avengers game.

Spider-Man is web-swinging to PS4 on September 7.

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Included in the bundle is a shiny, red 1TB PS4 Pro with a giant Spidey logo, a red and white PS4 Pro DualShock controller, a physical copy of Spider-Man on PS4 and vouchers for DLC.

That said, Marvel Powers United VR does seem quite interesting, with X-Men Wolverine, Storm, and Iceman being added to the Marvel Cinematic Universe-orientated line-up of Captain America, Hulk, Black Panther, Spider-Man, and Captain Marvel. The big focus of the trailer is yet another villain coming to make Peter's life hell: the legendary mercenary (and maybe even future movie star) Silver Sable.

Spider-Man has been confirmed to be locked at 30 FPS on both standard PS4 and PS4 Pro. "I don't think he's positive he still wants to be Spider-Man, and then he meets a young guy who's got a new spin on Spider-Man and might need his help - but he's not a teacher".

Insomniac Games also revealed the "Velocity Suit" which was designed by comic artist Adi Granov and a line of game-specific Funko Pop! toys. On PS4 Pro, users can expect the game to run in 2160p dynamic 4K resolution.