'Productive' talks held on war remains


North Korean and U.S. military officials met at the inter-Korea border yesterday to discuss repatriation of the remains of American troops killed during the Korean War, a report said.

The preliminary details emerged after US and North Korean officials held working-level talks Monday in the truce village of Panmunjom in the Demilitarized Zone. Gen. Michael Minihan, the UNC's chief of staff, represented the American delegation. Prior to this, North Korea had failed to participate in a working-level discussion that was supposed to be held on July 12 to discuss returning the remains.

The US and North Korea will jointly engage in the searches for the yet-to-be-located service members' remains, State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert confirmed; she could not say when those would begin.

The United States requested the UN sanctions committee to declare that North Korea had violated the UN-approved quota and "order an immediate halt to all transfers of refined petroleum products" to North Korea.

President Trump then turned to criticizing media outlets for not focusing on the positive results of talks between the US and North Korea, "Who knows how it will all turn out in the end, but why isn't the Fake News talking about these wonderful facts?"

Pompeo's statement came as US officials held general-level talks with the North - the first such talks since 2009.

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Its explanation: "1 child can not be reunified at this time because the parent's location has been unknown for more than a year". Another 24 children were not returned because the parents are in criminal custody in the United States or have been deported .

"I firmly believe that the strong will, honest efforts and unique approach of myself and Your Excellency Mr. President aimed at opening up a new future between the DPRK and the USA will surely come to fruition", the letter reads.

Speaking on Fox News Sunday, Graham said: "I see China's hands all over this", adding that there is "no doubt" in his mind that China is "pulling the North Koreans back".

The two countries are technically still at war after the 1950-53 Korean War ended with an armistice instead of a peace treaty, but sporting cooperation helped spark an ongoing diplomatic thaw after the North agreed to participate in the Winter Olympics held in February in the South.

"Kim is probably hinting at changing his policy after confirming North Korea's economy has lots of problems during his inspection tours", said Koh Yu-hwan, a professor at Seoul's Dongguk University.

After entering disarmament talks with the United States earlier this year, Kim met in June with President Donald Trump and agreed to commit to "complete denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula".

In 2012, North Korea's leader Kim Jong-un granted amnesty to celebrate the centennial of the birth of his grandfather and the North's founder Kim Il-sung and the 70th birthday of his father Kim Jong-il. Pompeo said they were "the first General Officer-level talks" with North Korea since 2009. -North Korea military search teams conducted 33 recovery operations that collected 229 sets of American remains.