Canada, U.S. express concern at North Atlantic Treaty Organisation over Russian pipeline into Germany


His convening with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Finland next week is engendering extensive worry.

"Germany is a captive of Russia because it is getting so much of its energy from Russia", Mr Trump said, taking aim at the proposed Nord Stream II gas pipeline, which he has previously criticised.

"Germany is totally controlled by Russian Federation, because they will be getting from 60 to 70 per cent of their energy from Russian Federation and a new pipeline", Trump told Stoltenberg.

"I think it's very sad when Germany makes a massive oil and gas deal with Russia, where you're supposed to be guarding against Russia, and Germany goes out and pays billions and billions of dollars a year to Russia".

The Kremlin says a new prospective natural gas pipeline to Germany will help increase regional stability and strengthen ties between Russian Federation and the West.

In particular, Denmark may block or delay the construction of Nord stream-2 through its territorial waters.

"We are holding on to our contractual obligations regarding Nord Stream 2, of whose value for Germany and Europe we are convinced, given the background of declining gas production in Europe", Schaefer said. "I've experienced myself a part of Germany controlled by the Soviet Union, and I'm very happy today that we are united in freedom", Merkel said.

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"Trade is wonderful, energy is a whole different story", Trump said.

"Germany closer to the United States, because in many ways much more dependent on the U.S. than from Russian Federation".

European alliance members were braced for criticism from Mr Trump on defence spending, but his blistering attack on Germany at a breakfast meeting with North Atlantic Treaty Organisation chief Jens Stoltenberg took the summit by surprise.

Stoltenberg acknowledged that Nord Stream was a source of disagreement with Germany.

But Freeland elaborated on Canada's concerns with the project, saying she had discussed it as recently as last week at a conference in Copenhagen on economic reforms in Ukraine.

The previous Barack Obama administration nonetheless pointed out the disconnect from a Germany that could sign on to EU-US sanctions against Russian Federation over Ukraine and pursue energy deals with Moscow.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said Trump's statement marked an escalation of a USA campaign to talk down Russian gas supplies to Europe in an attempt to push the US energy sector instead.