Kobe Bryant Had A Three-Word Response For LeBron Joining The Lakers


The four-time MVP may still sign with Cleveland but the echoes are growing louder that James will create another superteam by joining either the Houston Rockets, the LA Lakers or the Philadelphia 76ers.

He fulfilled his promise to bring a championship to northeast OH and, despite losing to the Golden State Warriors in back-to-back NBA Finals, he solidified his reputation as the best player in the league, especially after leading an underwhelming supporting cast to the title series last month, one that ended in a 4-0 sweep in the hands of the Warriors.

The Ringer's Kevin O'Connor reported some National Basketball Association teams believe James has already decided on the Lakers, but is stretching out the process for added drama.

A good way of thinking about this: If James had chosen to stay with the Cleveland Cavaliers, it would be a relatively safe call. Second time around he exercised an early option to leave the Heat to return to the Cavs.

James' agency made the announcement Sunday in a release, saying he has agreed to a four-year, $154 million contract.

While every team dreams of being ruled by King James, only a few have a legit chance of signing him.

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Why did LeBron James sign with the Los Angeles Lakers?

Cleveland's roster was exposed during this year's finals, and James may not have seen a way for it to improve enough to win a fourth title.

He is, however, a talisman for winning, both in Miami and with the Cavaliers, and his presence alone as the most singularly dominant player in the game turns the Lakers into a factor.

The decision to join the Lakers was not a surprise to his innermost circle, with one person telling AP that it had been presumed for some time that he was headed to Los Angeles next season. He's also taken his talents to a conference that put his streak of reaching eight consecutive NBA Finals at risk but allows him a greater chance of improving his Finals record.

The signing also means James will have to interact with the Ball family at some point in the next four years. At the moment, it seems as though 10 Western Conference teams could be legitimate playoff contenders next season. Embiid's opinion notwithstanding, the Lakers are James' team now.

They didn't get Paul George. The Lakers remain in the hunt to obtain disgruntled San Antonio all-star Kawhi Leonard in a trade and have the financial wherewithal to make a deal work. "This will always be home", LeBron wrote on his Instagram story.