Apple's giving a new camera (and some tongue) to Messages and Memoji


Voice Memos on iPad Apple revealed that its Voice Memos app has been revamped to be introduced on iPad along with the release of iOS 12.

So if the only reason it would change iPhone is a "junk" battery then maybe it's worth it to only spend on replacing the component in 2018 by upgrading the device to iOS 12 as soon as it's released, guaranteeing another year of use without a headache. It isn't simply the system elements like the dock and window chrome that are going dark, Apple's native apps now plug into the dark theme as well as apps which are built with the latest MacOS APIs in mind.

There's also a new "For You" tab, that will show memories, as well as sharing suggestions. Measure App iOS 12 will feature a new app called Measure, which will allow users to accurately measure objects or walls around them. This new feature is even more helpful if you have a strong password.

Addiction issues. In January, Apple got smacked with a letter from investors Jana Partners and the California State Teachers' Retirement System, urging the tech giant to develop new software tools that would help parents control and limit phone use more easily. Users can come in and drop out of the call as they wish, though invitations will be made.

The Stock app is getting a major upgrade and now lets users tap on certain stocks to get detailed information. Users will see the faces of everyone on the screen sort of floating on the screen.

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The new government must now win confidence votes in parliament, expected to happen next week, Ansa news agency reported. Luigi Di Maio, the leader of M5S, will head the super-ministry of Economic Development and Labor.

■ Apple is also planning an update to ARKit, its platform for developers to build augmented-reality experiences on iPhones and iPads, which it announced a year ago. Highlights included increased performance when opening the iPhone camera, apps, and using the keyboard, as well as finally introducing grouped notifications to declutter your lock screen.

Siri will also suggest that users turn off some notifications if the user hasn't opened the app in a while.

There appears to be a new app dock for iMessage apps, including a new Photos shortcut for quicker access to your photo library.

Gestures were one of the best features of the iPhone X. Now, with the iOS 12, other iPhones will have Gestures of their own, such as swiping anywhere on the Dock to get to the Home Screen and swiping down from the right side to bring up the Control Center. Apple claims the software is twice as fast to launch apps and scroll lists, and I don't doubt them, so that would make iOS 12 an instant update for me already.