Mexico hits US pork, grapes in retaliation against tariffs


The economy ministry said it will "initiate a dispute settlement process under the umbrella" of the WTO, and that its actions will "continue to follow the state of worldwide commercial law and will be proportional to the damage that Mexico regrettably received".

The US officials conveyed President Donald Trump's clear goal for achieving a fair-trading relationship with China, it said, adding that the delegations will now report back to receive guidance on the path forward.

Mexico filed the complaint after Trump decided not to extend a temporary exemption granted in March to the EU, Canada and Mexico.

Chinese officials, who have engaged in negotiations with U.S. officials this week, said they will not sign any agreements if tariffs are again increased.

Trudeau says he wants to respect the government's 30-day consultation period on its proposed $16.6-billion tariff package, retaliation for the Trump administration's decision to impose 25 per cent import duties on steel and 10 per cent on aluminum. Big trade barriers against USA farmers, and other businesses, will finally be broken.

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Trump further said, in response to questions, that the transformation of North Korea was possible with Kim remaining in power. You're talking about years of hostility; years of problems; years of, really, hatred between so many different nations.

Chinese negotiators there, led by Liu He, President Xi Jinping's trade representative, offered to buy more soybeans, corn, natural gas, crude oil and coal, among other agricultural and energy products from the the first year, the Journal said. "The prime minister raised the United States decision to apply tariffs to European Union steel and aluminium imports, which she said was unjustified and deeply disappointing", a spokesman for the prime minister told reporters.

Mexico has received backing in the dispute from its domestic business sector.

The result has been a boon for Texas and the United States, as well as Mexico and Canada.

Ties between Washington and Mexico City have also been strained over immigration. Additional US tariffs aimed at quickly closing the trade gap with China could therefore mark a point of no return en route to a quickly escalating trade war.