Elon Musk plans to build 150mph train system underneath Los Angeles


The City Council approved Boring's request to exempt the tunnel from a lengthy environmental impact review, however, the company's plans have hit a recent snag after a court challenge from two neighbourhood organisations to halt development.

The billionaire revealed footage of his Boring Company's exploratory excavation, which will be open to the public and offering free rides within months. That's the big difference between the Boring Company concept and traditional subway systems.

Elon Musk's transportation system under the surface of LA finally has a name, and it's a play on his other transportation system Hyperloop.

The West L.A. tunnel is the latest project Boring has undertaken after quietly digging a slightly shorter tunnel underneath tiny neighboring municipality of Hawthorne, where SpaceX and Boring are both headquartered. Musk spoke of above-ground roads being converted to park space, as commuters gravitate to the personalized mass transit in his tunnels. It has been billed as an opportunity to learn about Musk's "vision to alleviate soul-destroying traffic through Loop, a zero-emissions, high-speed, underground public transportation system!"

Musk said the first two tunnel segments would serve as proof-of-concept sites to demonstrate ideas for a traffic-easing network of subterranean tubes whisking passenger-carrying "pods" and individual cars from place to place at high speeds.

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Once operational, pedestrians and cyclists will be given priority to ride in its pods, for less than the price of a bus ticket, Musk says. Musk "envisions dozens to hundreds of small stations, about the size of a single or double auto parking spot, to alleviate traffic at any one spot". But The Boring Company is right behind you at 1/15th your speed & soon will be 1/10th!

Musk said that Boring Company Loop's vision of the future would be much more congruous with city life than subways, and that while it was very hard to weave large stations into a city, building many more parking spot-sized stations could theoretically be much more effective.

The plan calls for excavated soil to be compacted into concrete reinforcement segments for the tunnels, or turned into construction bricks.

A map shows the proposed route for a 2.7-mile prototype tunnel. "It's the only way we can think of to address the chronic traffic issues in major cities", Musk said.

Test runs in the loop have hit a couple of hundred miles per hour.