Rage 2 gets insanity-filled gameplay trailer for Xbox One and PC


RAGE 2's "debut" trailer was kooky, but this gameplay footage more than lives up to the "Insanity Rules" premise Bethesda and Avalanche Studios are promising. Punk aesthetic and all. Given their expertise with open-world games, we can assume Rage 2's world will be vast and full of interesting activities to partake in. As Walker in RAGE 2, you also will learn how to channel Nanotrites into weapons and push them into Overdrive to unleash unrelenting hell. The latter is obviously known for its FPS prowess with the likes of Doom, while Avalanche Studios is the king of open world mayhem, as you'll likely know from Mad Max and Just Cause 3. You can listen to it via Apple Podcasts or RSS, or just listen to this week's episode by hitting the play button below.

But for the record you play as the last Ranger of the wasteland who's looking to "crush the oppressive rule of The Authority once and for all". In a surprising move, Bethesda Softworks has contracted Avalanche Studios to develop Rage 2 instead. Big guns, big cars, huge world, lots of enemies... In the decades following an asteroid's devastation, most of the earth has become an unforgiving wildland where bloodthirsty factions vie for control of precious resources.

Rage 2 will be available on PC, Xbox and PS. It sure ticks all of the "AAA hype" boxes though for some folks - first-person shooter, open world, post-apoc.

You can check out the Rage 2 teaser trailer below.

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After a recent leak on Walmart Canada's website, Rage 2 had its secret blown with many believing its announcement wasn't intended until this year's Bethesda E3 conference.

According to an accompanying press release, you'll get to visit a variety of post-apocalyptic terrain, "from lush jungles and treacherous swamps to sun-scorched deserts".

Nanotrite powers and vehicles return from the original game, meanwhile: "From monster trucks to gyrocopters, use an assortment of rugged and wasteland-ready vehicles to speed across the badlands".