More charges possible for mother of 10 abused children in Fairfield


The mother accused of abusing her 10 children as they lived in squalor in Fairfield is keeping quiet on Tuesday.

Sharon Henry, chief deputy district attorney for Solano County said "torture occurred in the house" and it was carried out "for sadistic purposes".

Meanwhile, prosecutors in Riverside County have filed eight new charges against father David Turpin, accusing him of lying on government forms about the schooling of his children.

Jonathan Allen, who is the biological father of some of the children has been reportedly taken into custody. Officers arrested him about 8:30 a.m. Friday after serving a warrant at a residence in the 2200 block of Fieldstone Court. He is now being held at a bail of just over $5 million.

"I strive and I pride myself on being a good parent to my children", Rogers told CNN affiliate KGO/KTXL.

Police found filthy conditions in the home shared by Rogers and Allen, Hurlbut said.

"Officers situated unsafe and unsanitary dwelling circumstances together with rubbish and spoiled meals on the ground, animal and human feces and a considerable amount of particles making areas of the home unpassable", he stated. The officers located the missing 12-year-old and returned to the child's home.

Police also say the children suffered a long history of physical and emotional abuse.

At that point, the 10 children were taken into protective custody by Solano County Child Welfare Services, and relatives took custody of them. Rogers was released after posting $10,000 bail following her March 31 arrest.

She denied Monday her husband had abused the children.

Aleida Quartman, 23, who described herself as Rogers' co-worker, said the mother spoiled her children.

"My husband has a lot of tattoos", Rogers said. My husband is an unbelievable person and I am an incredible mother. They were handed over to social services, and parents will be judged.

But Rogers, who works at a heart-monitoring company, said the home was messy because she had been searching for her son who had run off after his computer was confiscated. "So, I've had many people question my right to parent and I just feel like this whole situation was exploded". None of the children required medical care.

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Authorities suspect the abuse dates back to 2014.

"Absolutely not. Absolutely not", Rogers told KTXL.

She said: There's no broken bones, there is no major scars, nothing. Kids get rebellious and that's all that happened, ' Rogers said.

Throughout the tour, the four-bedroom home in Fairfield, 46 miles (74 kilometers) northeast of San Francisco, was messy with scuffed partitions and animal feces within the lavatory.

Rogers said the children slept in one bedroom because they were close; cots were stored in a bedroom closet. The opposite rooms have been used as a master suite, playroom and meditation room.

She also said her house was in a tumultuous condition because she had "ripped it apart" in order to look for her missing son.

She and her husband both came from broken homes and they wanted a large family, she said. She didn't say why.

This photo combo of booking mugs provided by the Solano County Sheriff's Office in Fairfield, Calif., shows Jonathan Allen and his wife, Ina Rogers.

For the young children, the house was visibly a living hell.

She is estranged from her son and he has kept his family away from the children, she said.

"We're a Christian family and Jonathan has not been raised that way", she said.

Hurblut said he believed the children had been home-schooled, but couldn't say if authorities had been contacted in the past about their living conditions.