Amazon is expanding its Go convenience store to two more locations


The company has announced that two more Amazon Go stores are coming to major cities before the year is through.

Amazon is planning to open two more cashier-less Amazon Go grocery stores in Chicago and San Francisco. Amazon now has job listings for store manager positions in both San Francisco and Chicago.

Talking about Amazon Go, it's a revolutionary store that holds nearly everything.

The actual Amazon Go store is extremely tech-heavy, was expensive to build and can only sell a narrow range of specially-selected items - nowhere near the 50,000 or so items a typical supermarket stocks. There's no word yet on when the new locations may open, but it has previously been reported that Amazon wants to open six new Go locations this year.

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At the time only Seattle and Los Angeles were confirmed, but it looks like the expansion will stretch beyond those cities.

The retailer has been billing it as the first cashierless convenience store in the world.

There is now only one Amazon Go store located in Seattle. Shoppers need to open the Amazon Go app to enter, and any products they take from the store are automatically charged to their account when they leave. "No lines, no checkout", according to the company.

Once inside, cameras in the ceiling, sensors on the shelves and a massive amount of computing power track every item they pick up and what goes into their pockets or bags. Each store will also have staff members who will be there to make sure the shelves are restocked and assist new customers who are hesitant about how it all works.