Rage 2 is Official


Today's announcement of a RAGE sequel, should come as a surprise to few, as the initial announcement for this game, and many other unconfirmed games, was leaked by Walmart, just last week. Many thought that if not for the retail listing of Rage 2 essentially outing the game's existence, Bethesda Softworks would have potentially opted to not reveal the project until E3. There's lots of guns, mad-looking people holding said guns, and a blood-pumping soundtrack.

With Fallout 4's relatively short window between announcement and release in 2015 in mind, perhaps we'll see a new Rage in 2018? Even if we ignored Mad Max, this team is well-versed in the style of gameplay Rage is aiming for. Just please ditch the Suicide Squad aesthetic before it's too late, OK, Rage 2? Beyond that, we know about as much as you do. I like to think that the two characters stood beside one another means we'll see some form of Rage 2 multiplayer co-op, but that might be a stretch. The gameplay will be officially revealed tomorrow, May 15.

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Its unclear which studio is serving as the developer on the sequel, but there is a chance that id Software is returning to take the reins. Bethesda's Twitter has been ramping up with not-so-subtle teases and at the time of writing has five pictures that progressively hint at RAGE 2's presence.

Bethesda's official Twitter account then replied to Rage's post, simply stating "Dude" before continuing to tease cryptic images emblazoned with the same bright pink seen on the original correction. "Leaving you to your own devices to stay alive in a world filled with those who prefer you dead, RAGE combines powerful storytelling with heart-pounding action".