'Severe consequences' to be faced if Iran resumes nuclear programme


Washington has given European firms doing business in Iran up to six months to wind up investments or risk U.S. sanctions and they are also forbidden from signing any new contracts with Iran.

ANDREW PEEK: We certainly are going to be pushing and asking and cajoling them to disinvest, absolutely.

EU President Donald Tusk said the Iran deal would be on the agenda when the bloc's leaders meet for a summit in Sofia next week.

Iran has also continued to develop ballistic missiles, sown unrest throughout the region and funded terror groups such as Hamas and Hezbollah.

Delegates from Mexico City, Ottawa and Washington are now attempting to retool the deal, but they have hit serious stumbling blocks and the talks have been acrimonious in recent months.

UK Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson told Parliament he regretted Trump's decision, but added that "Britain has no intention of walking away".

It's not in Iran's interest to provoke a conflict with the United States, but escalation happens in unpredictable ways.

Mr Trump said this week that the 2015 nuclear deal which allowed for the lifting of sanctions was not tough enough on Iran. So we felt that it was a good agreement which worked for European security as well as the security of other countries. Think what you like of Trump the man and his relentless Twitter account.

One of the lines Iranian diplomats and supporters like to repeat is that the Islamic Republic will not change its behavior in response to pressure.

For average Iranians, many of whom attended Friday's demonsrations, wrote Amir Ahmadi Arian and Rahman Bouzari in the New York Times on Thursday, the news of Trump's move "elicited feelings of bitterness and resignation". It seems noteworthy that, just hours after Trump's announcement, a new round of sparring broke out along the Israeli-Syrian border.

Nevertheless, U.S. sanctions are a daunting hammer.

The U.S. Treasury said on Tuesday that the United States would reimpose a wide array of Iran-related sanctions after the expiry of 90- and 180-day wind-down periods, including sanctions aimed at Iran's oil sector and transactions with its central bank.

But Rouhani warned that he has instructed the country's atomic energy agency to prepare to restart enrichment of uranium at an industrial level in a few weeks' time should the deal collapse completely. We have many treaties with the United States dating back long decades and none.

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She added that the USA can not undo the agreement by pulling out, saying: "this deal is not a bilateral treaty". I'm thinking like Airbus.

USA drillers added rigs for the sixth straight week, bringing the total rig count to 844, highest since March 2015, General Electric Co's Baker Hughes energy services firm said.

Oil giant Total was set to invest $5bn in South Pars, the world's largest gas field, while auto makers Renault and Peugot made deals worth $500m each. "We will bring businesses together in the coming days to try and preserve them as much as possible from the USA measures". This should be merged with the imposition of crippling economic sanctions against the regime, as well as nations who finance them.

In 2015, Western foreign ministers were trying to keep in place a United Nations conventional-arms embargo on Iran, and they brought up the regime's support for terrorism.

"It is not yet clear which concrete sanctions the USA will impose".

Saving the accord would mean ensuring that Iran benefits economically from it, and that Iran continues to submit to intrusive inspections to ensure it is not developing nuclear weapons. And that will make a nuclear deal very hard to maintain.

He asserted that the "decaying, rotten structure of the agreement" is not able to prevent "an Iranian nuclear bomb".

This is a Reality Check you won't get anywhere else. You know, Russian Federation is part of this agreement, Russian Federation and China and Europe and the United States.

"In my view, the situation is different, even if the degree of hostility has increased" between Gulf countries and Israel on one hand and Iran on the other, Sater said.

Trump's decision marked a stark diplomatic defeat for Europe, whose leaders urged the United States president to think again.

"There is no rationale whatsoever, no excuse - it is reckless, it is risky, it is irresponsible - for the United States of America, the proponent of this agreement, the chief negotiator of this agreement, to turn around under a new president, and say "I don't like it, we're going to get out" when there's no rationale for doing so", he said. Now, that makes it very hard.

Days before the implementation of the nuclear deal, Iran's Revolutionary Guard Corps boarded a US Navy vessel and briefly detained US sailors who had accidentally drifted into Iranian waters.