Pompeo: US hopes to have North Korea as 'close partner' not enemy


The announcement comes after US President Donald Trump will report this week to meet with Kim Jong-UN in Singapore on 12 June.

With possible peace between North and South Korea coming closer, Koreans in the Ozarks share their point of view of the situation.

The tunnels of the test site would be blown up and their entrances completely blocked, the ministry statement said. "So we're not talking about sanctions relief at this point", he said.

U.S. will help the DPRK to address economic problems if the government will completely abandon nuclear weapons.

Kim Jong Un said he is closing the nuclear test site at Punggye-ri.

According to South Korean government figures, North Korea abducted at least 3,835 South Koreans after the 1950-53 Korean War, mostly from the 1950s to the 1970s when Seoul says the North systematically kidnapped South Koreans and other foreigners to train them for propaganda and spying.

North Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs pledged transparency and laid out plans Saturday to dismantle the country's nuclear testing site.

The allure of economic help could be enough for Kim to accept terms to denuclearize, as Pompeo said that there's a chance that North Korea and the US could become "partners", according to the Los Angeles Times.

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When Trump and Kim do sit down, the two relatively untested leaders will be presented with a puzzle that has stymied seasoned diplomats for decades.

Pompeo Friday promised the U.S. would work to rebuild North Korea's sanctions-crippled economy if it agreed to surrender its nuclear arsenal.

But since the Pyeongchang Games, Pyongyang and Washington have agreed to the unprecedented Singapore meeting, and Kim has twice visited China to meet President Xi Jinping, after not paying respects in the six years since he inherited power from his father.

Chinese state media have asserted that the United States must offer North Korea "attractive rewards" if it wishes to see the nation abide by global law.

North Korea's release of three American detainees offers some hope for the relatives of hundreds of South Koreans abducted over the years by the North.

In North Korea's bombastic rhetoric, "denuclearization" has, for years, been a byword for United States troop withdrawals from South Korea. With U.S. help, those countries recovered from the devastation of conflict.

North Korea held a celebration in September to mark its sixth nuclear test.

The North is apparently trying to caution Japan, which is calling for continued pressure to get the North to take concrete action for settling the abduction issue and abandoning its nuclear and missile programs. But North Korea has said it's willing to talk now because it's already succeeded in becoming a nuclear-armed state, fueling skepticism that the North would truly being willing to give those weapons up.