Fox Cancels Brooklyn Nine-Nine After Five Seasons


Though the cast is proud of the work they've done in season five, and have voiced their enthusiasm to continue, it seems that a seemingly negligible viewership drop influenced the network's decision to drop the show itself. Eve dresses up like Mandy and Mandy dresses down like Eve, Kristin and Ryan swap roles, and Mike shows up to the party as. However, an impending pickup of Last Man Standing spelled an end to the network's comedy brand as we know it, as it's cheaper and broader in reach than the network's quirkier, nichier single cams. The series has run for five seasons on Fox, but it was never a huge ratings hit, despite winning two Golden Globes, including Outstanding Comedy Series, in its freshman run. But just as with Schur's Parks and Rec and The Office, Brooklyn Nine-Nine quickly morphed into much more than a star vehicle, and the ensemble found its groove incredibly quickly.

Especially give that despite lower Neilsen ratings, the series has built up quite a dedicated following thanks to it's signature brand of comedy, and affinity for diversity throughout its storytelling. Unfortunately, Fox has other ideas in mind.

Both The Mick and Last Man on Earth have already aired their season (now series) finales, but you can still watch the Brooklyn Nine-Nine finale live on May 20, with the appropriately titled 'Jake & Amy'.

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The film and the Hindi Trailer will be A-rated as the makers are sticking to the tone and irreverence of the English film. The trailer is the same, with dialogues done by the actor, which gives the movie a more desi outlook.

Miller took to Twitter Thursday evening to express his disappointment about the news the Will Forte-led series had been cancelled by Fox after four seasons. "These last 5 years have been incredible", she wrote.

Not sure if the shows would find new homes like TBS or Netflix, but Fox probably wouldn't allow that anyway.

The Last Man on Earth stars Will Forte as, ostensibly, the last man on earth. From then on, the show consistently showcased a compassionate and ridiculously amusing group of individuals, with storytelling that wasn't afraid to take huge leaps-again, just as with Parks and Rec and The Office.