Cheney: I Would Have Enhanced Interrogation Programs 'Active' and 'Ready to Go'


"We got valuable information from debriefing al-Qaida detainees", she told Sen. Gina Haspel: "Senator, what I believe, sitting here today, is that I support the higher moral standard we have made a decision to hold ourselves to".

The chairman of a Senate intelligence committee is praising President Donald Trump's nominee to serve as the next director of the CIA.

"I think the techniques we used were not torture". CIA Deputy Director Haspel's comments came in testimony to the Senate Intelligence Committee as she made her case to become CIA director. She was also controversially involved in destroying evidence of those interrogations.

'CIA has learned some tough lessons, ' Haspel said, explaining that in retrospect the agency was not prepared to conduct the detention and interrogation program employed after the September 11, 2001, attacks on the United States by al Qaeda militants.

"I think they have completely misrepresented who she is".

"Pleasantly surprised. Last time I saw him he had just come out of surgery really anxious, eating really healthy, we watched "The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance and he was running commentary", Graham said about McCain's health".

However, Haspel declined to confirm if she had overseen water boarding sessions.

"If you have your staff check, Mr. Rizzo has issued a correction", Haspel said. She has spent most of her career in the clandestine service, working in multiple hard and risky posts; as she recounted, she volunteered for duty in the CIA's counterterrorism center on September 11, 2001, and remained there for years.

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Haspel's nomination has faced opposition over her role at a secret Central Intelligence Agency prison in Thailand where detainees were water boarded in 2002.

She staunchly defended her role in the 2005 destruction of the videotapes.

MM: Well, you'll have to ask Sen. She is fully committed to following the law that prevents future abuses.

She's pledged not to restart the CIA's now defunct detention and interrogation program, even though Trump has said he supports harsh interrogation tactics such as waterboarding. She could, perhaps, still disperse that shadow with a clear statement that the actions of the past were wrong. At least one Democrat, Sen. Mark Warner, D-Va., told Haspel. "She has earned the trust of her colleagues in the intelligence community and her intellect, steady temperament, vast knowledge of threats we face, and dedication to our country are undeniable".

Kyle Midura: Why is she the right person for the job in your opinion? She said she would fight to put more intelligence officers in the field overseas, emphasize foreign language proficiency and work to strengthen partnerships with US allies. I'm not asking do you believe they were legal; I'm asking do you believe they were immoral?

Most Republicans, except Sen.

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders was asked about that topic on Wednesday. She indicated that her own view at the time, that the tapes should be destroyed because they endangered the security of agents who appeared in them, has not changed.

Gina Haspel sat before the American people and touted her "moral compass" - but refused to show us which way it points. John Cornyn of Texas, lamented how Haspel's nomination fueled a "toxic political environment". Rand Paul of Kentucky already stating his opposition, Ms. Haspel still needs to broaden her support across the chamber where the Republican majority is only 51 to 49. Susan Collins, R-Maine, and Ted Cruz, R-Texas, whose support was uncertain, said they also intend to vote for her.