Cong Prez Rahul Gandhi brackets Trump, Modi with world's "reactionary" leaders


BJP, under the leadership of former Karnataka Chief Minister B.S. Yeddyurappa, is eyeing on to return to power.

"Yes why not", said Rahul at a press conference in Bengaluru on being asked if he can be PM in 2019. Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Amit Shah have read the writing on the wall and that's why a desperate PM and a dejected BJP is resorting to hurling abuses and insulting language, which is alien to the political discourse in india. This is what they did here in Karnataka also.

Wooing Dalits and deprived sections of voters for the May 12 assembly polls, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday charged Congress with betraying and cheating the Dalits by not making senior leader Mallikarjun Kharge the Chief Minister in 2008 despite making a promise to that effect.

"Why is the agenda of Congress only Modi, I fail to understand", he added.

"There is a leader in Congress party who thinks only about one thing throughout the day - how to be the Prime Minister?" No one should make fun of it. Modi became prime minister through this right. Something like this happened when a person (Rahul Gandhi) ignored the claims of other parties and coalition partners and put his claim in front of everyone else's.

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On his official Twitter handle, Rahul Gandhi shared a picture with the caption, "In Karnataka, Congress Vs BJP is a "no contest" as this graphic shows". On the other hand, Congress is keeping on telling their same words against BJP.

Following the intervention of those standing next to him, the Chief Minister corrected himself and said "sorry Narendra Swamy" as the crowd cheered.

"Naam dar ka ahankar satwi asman chhu raha hae ya nahi (Is the arrogance of the famous leader not reaching sky high that he declares himself as the Prime Ministerial candidate)?", he said.

The Prime Minister also does not act against mining baron Reddy brothers who are accused of looting and plundering the state of Rs 35,000 crore of illegal iron ore by withdrawing cases against him, Surjewala said.

"Only Congress is right.CAG is wrong, CBI is wrong.only Congress is right.this is what they believe", Mr Modi said.