Alberta and Saskatchewan part of Emergency Alert Test today


System operators blamed the Quebec malfunction on a computer coding error and were still investigating what went wrong in Ontario.

Pelmorex said the misconfiguration was quickly corrected.

On Monday, the test took place in Ontario and Quebec but experienced some technical issues as many mobile users did not receive the alert.

You are advised to download the Alberta Emergency Alert app for your smartphone to ensure you automatically receive the notifications.

Nova Scotian cell phones are expected to beep and buzz at 1:55 p.m Wednesday as a test of the Alert Ready system is sent out.

Not all wireless devices are compatible with the system, and each cellular carrier lists compatible devices online.

In Manitoba, only the province and Environment and Climate Change Canada are authorized to issue emergency messages using Alert Ready. During an emergency, the line should only be used for those in life-threatening situations.

The test will begin with an 8 second tone followed by a text or audio alert.

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The official launch of Alert Ready is scheduled for June.

There is no opt-out feature, either.

The system is meant to warn the public about safety threats, including floods, terrorist threats and Amber Alerts.

If the emergency alert is still active when the wireless device is powered up, and it is still in the alert area, the device will display the alert.

Depending on your service provider, the alert should appear on your phone screen along with a sound, unless your phone is on vibrate or silent mode.

"We're testing this technology for the first time today to give British Columbians the opportunity to see first-hand how the new system works, and make sure that their devices are compatible".

"If you are driving, pull over, be safe and be prepared", the minister said.