Google Maps and Google Lens giving more personal results


At Google I/O, they've outlined the next new features for Google Maps making them smarter and more detailed.

Subscriptions to premium news outlets can now easily be done through Google News, without the need of manually putting in credit card and other information by the end-user, if so desired. You can long press on places and your group mates can vote to keep it in or out. First, there's a new tab in Maps called "For you" that shows a user new places opening nearby, what's trending in the area, as well as personal recommendations. The score, out of 100, shows why a place is recommended and how likely you are to enjoy it.

Google Maps ratings and the Explore tab have rapidly become one of the best ways to find places to eat and drink, but until today, ratings have been generic. Another new upcoming feature will rate a location based on the previous places a user entered into Maps, and give it a score out of 100. They will also be able to get help with directions from a nifty fox. This way it would be harder to misinterpret the directions the app is giving users because every turn they make will be guided by AR navigation signs and symbols.

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There will be lists, like the Foodie List, that pull together data from trusted publishers, local experts, other users and Google's algorithms. Once finalised, Google Maps already has functionality to let you make a reservation as well as book a cab ride to the venue. "You can rate places on Google Maps, which helps us determine which restaurants you like so we can improve your match for similar places moving forward".

A shortlist feature aims to make it easier to select places to eat or hang out and have your friends vote on their choice, which will hopefully eliminate a lot of the back-and-forth now going on in your messaging app. A new camera interface can tell users exactly where they are in the real world, with helpful animated guides.