Microsoft Isn't Done With Kinect Yet


The Microsoft Build 2018 is similar to developers events organised by companies like Facebook, Google, and Apple but the differentiation is that there is likely to be a lot of focus on live coding onstage.

The new Project Kinect for Azure reintroduces the sensor with a brand new goal; it is designed for AI developers to create tools on the cloud-based Azure platform. As part of this theme, Microsoft announced a new architecture for neural networks, new AI SDKs, new cognitive services, and even AI-powered software development.

Microsoft says it's used some of the advances made through HoloLens - which in turn, was informed by the original Kinect - to enhance Project Kinect's spatial understanding, object recognition, skeletal tracking, and more. The CEO highlighted the fact that Microsoft's cloud competitors finance their cloud computing businesses with revenue generated from other ventures such as retail and advertising, which may run counter to the interests of business customers.

Cortana + Alexa: Microsoft demonstrates Cortana and Alexa running in tandem, the result of an integration agreement first announced previous year. Firstline Workers can share what they see with any expert on Microsoft Teams, while staying hands on to solve problems and complete tasks together, faster. Users can also design mixed-reality spaces like room layouts, holograms which can be shared in real-time.

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Core 3.0, which allows developers to use the latest version of.NET and have their application run in a stand-alone.NET environment so they can build unbelievable app experiences that don't impact their broader organizational infrastructure. Microsoft also announced a partnership with GitHub which integrates Visual Studio App Center on the platform. With UWP XAML Islands, developers can access more capable, flexible, powerful XAML controls regardless of which UI stack they use - whether it's Windows Forms, WPF or native Win32.

What follows are five key announcements from Microsoft in connection with its Build 2018 developers conference.

There's a Time of Flight Sensor, IR sensors and Microsoft's next-generation depth camera with a resolution of 1024×1024 (up from 640×480) on board. Now every organization can make attractive solutions that empower their customers to do more.