Android Auto gets a big boost on eve of Google I/O


The JBL Link Bar is even going to come with Google Assistant integration so that users can easily control it using voice commands. Android Things has been based on Android Oreo since its fifth developer preview, with its premier stable version unsurprisingly using the 8.1 version of Google's OS as its framework basis, offering access to both the Google Assistant and Google's other machine learning technologies.

Are you a fan of Google's Android Auto platform?

"Android Things is Google's managed OS that enables you to build and maintain Internet of Things devices at scale", Google's Dave Smith writes. It comes with two integrated microphones and can function as a normal smart speaker when the TV isn't in use.

"Over the past several months, we've worked closely with partners to bring products built on Android Things to market", Google noted in a blog post. If you try to do that now, Assistant doesn't know how to handle it and just sends you to a Google search. Future Volvo cars, therefore, shall offer drivers up-to-date information as well as predictive services. AI-powered smart replies will be improved for chat notifications from your favourite messaging apps, streaming HDR content will be seamless than what it was earlier with better support and a new Wi-Fi protocol that will allow for apps to provide you with precise indoor navigation assistance. Or just let us jot down a note when we're in bed.

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Google wants Android to power everything, and in December 2016, it released a new operating system to help - Android Things.

The move is boon for the Google ecosystem because it will help it deliver potentially thousands of other third-party apps adapted for Android-based vehicle infotainment systems into the auto as well.

Google's TV ambitions often take a backseat to Android's other projects, but that might be changing at I/O: A recent FCC filing suggests that a full-fledged Android TV dongle is on the way. It's like someone mashed together a high-end speaker bar, a Google Home, and an Android TV media streamer like the Nvidia Shield, all into one sleek-looking package. It's a Google Home.

Google is expected to unveil the next version of the Android OS. Google announced on Monday the big update, confirming the official release for consumer devices. Introduced at the past year's I/O, the Lenovo Mirage So Lo standalone day dream VR headset last but not least saw the light of day in CES 2018.