Deadpool actor Ryan Reynolds talks about his struggle with anxiety


Deadpool 2's latest promotion video, starring Celine Dion, Ryan Reynold's character and a peak of New Zealand's very own Julian Dennison, has taken social media by surprise. Wearing hills, Deadpool strut onstage and performed an interpretative dance.

Five-time Grammy Award-winning Canadian songstress Celine Dion has recorded a love ballad for upcoming R-rated superhero action comedy Deadpool 2.

The legendary singer had previously announced that there would be "new music" coming in May, but didn't give any other details.

Ryan Reynolds called his father the "stress dispensary in our house", and said that he was always on edge around his dad because he was prone to screaming matches.

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However, I'm not sure what was it was her feet and the stage. "You're such a dream to me", she wrote (thankfully not upside down). Within 24 hours of its release, " No Tears Left To Cry " managed to reach number one on iTunes in over 80 countries.

A Canadian legend, worldwide megastar, and a part of Deadpool 2. The video was created for the movie "Deadpool-2". You're an 11. We need to get you down to a five, five and a half tops. Like, he pretends he's, like, all sort of New Agey sometimes and all this stuff, but deep down inside I just think his heart is made of some, like, jagged chunk of Yosemite granite. Maybe we'll even get to see the Merc with A Mouth spinning with Celine in the movie. The production by Steve Mac has everything you expect from the soundtrack for Deadpool - pop hooks and a memorable chorus.

If Celine's powerhouse performance in the song's video is any indication, she was definitely feeling the lyrics.

Dion responded with a sharp, "Listen, this thing only goes 11".

Deadpool 2 is slated for release on May 16. "I really don't", he said. While speaking with Starnews Korea, Reynolds let fans know that there might not be a Deadpool 3 as folks envision it.