Paris Hilton Says Sex Tape Leak Felt Like 'Being Raped'


"It was like being raped", Hilton describes in the documentary, according to USA Today. It felt like I'd lost part of my soul and been talked about in such cruel and mean ways, ' she recalled.

'I literally wanted to die at some points.

She went on to say that, "Because I thought everything was taken away from me". I know they're not judging me, they're not trying to use me.

The filmmaker Marcus told the publication: "Paris Hilton didn't shy away from anything".

"I'm working with a company right now and we're about to launch a Paris Hilton virtual reality world, which is basically going to be the next social media universe where people from all around the world can come meet, can come hang out", she said.

The sex tape was released just when reality TV series The Simple Life debuted, starring Paris and then best friend Nicole Ritchie, and naturally, a full-on media circus ensued.

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However, I'm not sure what was it was her feet and the stage. "You're such a dream to me", she wrote (thankfully not upside down). Within 24 hours of its release, " No Tears Left To Cry " managed to reach number one on iTunes in over 80 countries.

"I could have been like that, but because of that tape, I will always be judged and thought of as whatever they say about me because of a private moment between my boyfriend and me".

While other reality socialites eventually replaced Hilton's spot in the limelight, she continues to be an influencer in the industry with her fashion lines and global DJ career. The 37-year-old socialite and businesswoman will feature in Bert Marcus" film "The American Meme', during which the star revealed that she wanted to die. In it, she speaks candidly about her rapid ascension to fame, and the fallout of the tape.

"I don't do drugs, I hardly drink, I've never committed a crime - and yet I'm a bad role model for being proud of my body?" I've just grown accustomed to being f***ed over. Hilton counter-sued and they settled out of court.

Her feelings around being "raped" likely carry more weight in the wake of the #MeToo movement.

'I want to do something that is real, that has impact.

However, in Hilton's case. if her boyfriend is filming her without her consent or knowledge, that's one thing. "I really wanted to be completely honest in this film and tell the truth and clarify a lot of things that have been said about me and a lot of things that have happened in my life". She also recently got engaged to actor Chris Zylka earlier this year.