Trump hires Clinton impeachment lawyer to handle Mueller investigation


Outgoing Trump lawyer Ty Cobb does not believe that special counsel Robert Mueller leaked the questions he'd like to ask President Donald Trump.

His replacement, Emmet Flood was part of a team of lawyers who represented former U.S. president Bill Clinton during his impeachment proceedings.

Cobb notified White House Chief of Staff John Kelly last week that he would retire at the end of this month, Sanders said, describing Cobb as "a friend of the president who has done a terrific job".

Earlier Wednesday, the White House said Ty Cobb, the point person in special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation, is retiring at the end of this month.

Both Cobb and John Dowd, who quit the president's legal team in March, were reportedly displeased that Trump was not following their advice in the case, especially with his repeated attacks on Mueller.

That could either spark a drawn-out courtroom war - one in which the White House is seen at a disadvantage - or lead to Trump invoking his Fifth Amendment right not to give evidence, with the concomitant political risks.

Belying their concerns, Trump and Republicans in Congress have threatened to remove Mueller and other senior Justice officials, a move that top members of Congress have also warned could result in Trump's impeachment.

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Cobb told ABC having the president sit down for an interview with Mueller's team is "certainly not off the table".

The admission that Trump repaid Cohen "removes the campaign finance violation", Giuliani told the Times, but campaign finance experts disagreed. Dowd vehemently opposed it. Mueller's office on Monday released dozens of questions that it would like Trump to answer, and USA media also reported Tuesday that Mueller has brought up the idea of subpoenaing Trump for an interview.

Trump meanwhile has stepped up his counterattack.

"They know more about the Trump campaign than anyone who ever worked there", Mr Caputo said. Mr. Flood's profile is well suited for such position. He served as special counsel in the George W. Bush administration and represented President Clinton during House proceedings to impeach him. Apart from this, in private sector, he represented former Vice President Dick Cheney. That lawsuit was ultimately dismissed.

Cobb's replacement, Emmet Flood, is known for being more adversarial.

"I think they've lost that power", he told Fox personality Sean Hannity. "It would be, max, two to three hours around a narrow set of questions", Giuliani said.